January 18-22

I am really looking forward to spring and warm weather. Hopefully, our winter this year will be shorter rather than longer. We’ll see what the groundhog has to say in a couple of weeks!

In science, we are still learning about physical and chemical changes. There will be a quiz on Wednesday. We will then move on to mixtures and solutions later this week to finish up our unit on chemistry.

In social studies we will focus on the geography and early people of India. There will be a quiz next Tuesday about the countries and capitals of India.

Several of our students qualified for the limo lunch. Students who sold enough Tiger Savings Cards last fall will be treated to a limo ride and lunch at Rocco’s next Friday, January 29th. Students who qualified for this trip were given a permission slip to be signed and returned.

On Thursday, January 21st, students who signed up will recieve their first varnish treatment.

On Tuesday, January 26th, we will have our 1st semester honors assembly at 2:30 pm.

Have a great week!


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