Week of 9/7-9/10

I hope everyone had a relaxing Labor Day weekend. It was beautiful weather and I know that my family and I took advantage of it!

This week in science, we will continue to learn to use scientific process skills by studying how to apply the scientific method. Students should expect a test over this unit early next week. I will announce the exact date mid-week as I see how much of the lesson plans we get through.

During I-time this week, I will be conducting the fluency portion of the DRA with each student in my homeroom. Students should bring a silent reading book with them to read until it is their turn to test.

TIGER SAVINGS CARDS: Students are working hard to sell those Tiger Savings Cards. Hopefully, our class will be the top-selling class so that we can win a Hawaiian Shaved Ice party. Sales end Friday! This is our biggest fundraiser for the year, so be sure to get out there and sell!

Every student received a Friday note last week. I highlighted those that I wanted signed and returned. Next week, I will only send Friday notes home to students that have missing/late work or behavior concerns.

Student Council elections are fast approaching. Students who would like to be considered for class representative should turn in a permission slip, signed by a parent. They may hang one campaign poster in the room, beginning Tuesday. Students who run for this office must be responsible, friendly, and organized. They must be able to stay for monthly Student Council meetings and should feel comfortable speaking in front of the class.

Have a great week! 🙂


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