Week of Sept. 20th

This week in science we will be starting our next unit which is earth science. We’ll begin by studying Earth’s structure. Along with that, we will learn about density and convection and how they contribute to plate movement. We will also learn about the theory of plate tectonics and continental drift. We will begin to study three major types of plate boundaries and the landforms created at each of them. There are several web resources that compliment this week’s materials on my “Science Resources” page.

Mid-quarter progress preports go home on Tuesday, September 21st!

Don’t forget! No school this Friday, September 24th!

We are currently on track to tape Ms. Pippin to the wall as a reward for our “Fight Free” program. Only about a dozen more days to go! Keep up the good work students!

I am in need of several bags of “fun-size” Snickers bars for an upcoming activity in science. If you are able, please send in a bag. Please see my “Wish List” page for more information!

Have a great week! 🙂


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