Week of Sept. 27th

This week in science we will continue to study earth’s layers and tectonic plate movements. Students will need to bring their colored pencils to class for most of the week as we will be coloring and labeling a model of different types of plate boundaries. The test looks to be sometime next week, possibly Thursday or Friday. I will announce a morning study group date for this test as soon as I can pin down an official test date.

I have received anough candy bars for our convergent boundary class activity. Thanks to all who have already helped by sending in a bag! It is greatly appreciated.

The test over the scientific method has been graded and handed back. I was extremely pleased with the overall performance. If your student scored poorly on the test and still needs some extra help on this material, I will be offering a tutoring session. Students who attend will also be offered the opportunity to correct their mistakes on the test, earning back a half point for each correction. This tutoring session will take place this Thursday, September 30th. Students will need to have a ride to pick them up at 4:15.

Mark your calendars! The first Stu-Co sponsored skating party of the year will be held Thursday, October 7th from 6-8 pm! Admission is $4.

Clubs meeting this week: Running club on Wednesday, Friday Choir on Friday morning, and Lego Club on Friday afternoon.

Have a great week! 🙂


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