First Day!

What a fantastic first day! I loved seeing all the eager and excited faces at my door first thing this morning. As the students returned, they were anxious to get their supplies arranged into their lockers and to figure out what time lunch and recess would be. 🙂

Two students remembered to give me the team chant when they arrived this morning. They got first dibs on prizes. Of course, when prizes were mentioned, the rest of the class suddenly remembered the chant! So, everyone eventually got to pick from the “Can of Life” for the first time. Hopefully there will be many more reasons to pass it around this year!

Thanks to parents and students for a smooth first day! Tomorrow we’ll be jumping right in and going through our regular schedule. Please be sure to go over the handbook in the front of the agenda and return the signed handbook agreement by Monday.

Looking forward to a great year!

TEAMwork makes the DREAM work! GO DREAM TEAM!!