Week of September 5th

I hope everyone enjoyed the extended Labor Day weekend. I was glad that my husband and I are two of many American workers who are able to enjoy the day off so that we had one extra day of family time!

This week in science we will head in to the home stretch on our scientific method unit. Students will learn to make qualitative vs quantitative observations and will also practice measuring using the metric system and tools like the triple beam balance and graduated cylinder. We’ll round out the scientific method unit by learning how to create data tables and graphs and form conclusions about the data collected. The test date for the scientific method test is tentatively set for Thursday, September 15th. Remember, there is no textbook for this unit, so be sure to ask your child to bring home their notes for studying.

Students have until Friday, 9/9 to sell the Tiger Savings Cards. As of Friday afternoon, my homeroom was in the lead for 6th grade sales! Keep up the great work!

Picture day is this Friday, 9/9. Look for a flier to come home this week with picture package prices.

Students Council Elections are approaching. If your child is interested in running for our class representative, please be sure to return the permission slip. Student Council representatives should be prepared to be at meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:15 am.

Please be sure your child is sharing his/her agenda with you each night. It’s a great way for you to talk with your child about their day and it’s also a great tool for helping kids get organized with their homework.

Have a great week! 🙂