Week of September 19th

Well, the rain interfered with our weekend plans, but I won’t complain because we sure needed it. What a blessing it was to my very brown, very crunchy grass. We might even get some decent fall colors after that much needed soaking.

This week in science, we will begin our study of plate tectonics. Students will begin by learning about the structure of the earth. We will also explore the Theory of Continental Drift along with the causes of plate movement. Your child will receive their science textbook this week. We will utilize the text, but students should continue to bring their science notebook to class.

I am once again in need of some help with materials for a science activity. Next week I will be using “Milky Way” candy bars in a hands-on lab where the students will explore and demonstrate plate movement boundaries. I need two  fun-size “Milky Way” candy bars for each student on our team- for a total of about 200 candy bars. If you can help by sending in a bag of fun-size “Milky Way” candy bars, please let me know. Your help is much appreciated!

Mid-quarter progress reports will be sent home this week on Tuesday. Be sure to look over these reports and discuss with your child his/her goals for the rest of the quarter. Please sign and return your child’s mid-quarter report so that I know you have seen it.

Your child may have reported to you that I do a monthly “Date with Mrs. Rasco” where I take a small group of students out to dinner. By the end of the year, each of my homeroom students will have had an opportunity to go out to dinner with me. If you know of a local/nearby restaurant that would be willing to serve us at a reduced rate (or even free!) please let me know!

Reminder: There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, September 23rd!