Week of September 26th

I can’t believe that we’ve been in school for well over a month already. I am happy though with the progress we are making and I feel like I am getting to know all the kids on the team a little better now. With summer ending and fall beginning, hopefully things will begin to slow down a little.

This week in science, students will learn about what causes Earth’s tectonic plates to move. We will also study three types of plate boundaries, and what happens along those boundaries. Students will complete their Earth’s layer’s foldable along with a plate model cut & paste project. Be sure to ask your child to see both of these at the end of the week!

In science, students have been assigned their Plate Tectonics projects. Each child should bring home a sheet with project options. Students will need to choose any combination of projects totaling a minimum of 30 points. The projected due date is Friday, October 7th, but this date may be extended as needed.

Additionally, I’d like to say how VERY PROUD I am of all my super scientists! The team did AMAZING on the scientific method test. It is probably one of the more difficult tests of they year and I had more A’s and B’s than I ever have before. Be sure to ask to see your child’s score- maybe a nice trip to the ice cream shop with mom and dad will be in order this week as reward for a job well done! TEAMwork makes the DREAM work! Go DREAM TEAM!

Students were passed back their science test today. I will offer tutoring before and after school on Tuesday, September 27th for students who need to correct the test or other papers from the scientific method unit. Morning session begins at 7:45 and the afternoon session ends at 4:30.

Thanks to all the parents who helped out by sending in Milky Way candy bars. With those that have promised to send in some this week, we have reached the amount that will be needed. Thanks again! I couldn’t do it without your help!

Monday is the Gamin’ Ride Reward for all students who sold at least 10 Tiger Savings Cards. Great job!

Friday is our first 25 cent hat day of the year. Students may pay 25 cents to wear a school appropriate hat all day. Proceeds will benefit the Jim Staley Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Clubs meeting this week: Tues- Xtreme Readers; Wed- Running Club, Shooting Stars; Fri- AM Choir

Have a great week! 🙂