Week of October 3rd

After a super-busy weekend, I’m still hoping for a bit of a slow-down very soon. The weather was gorgeous, which only seemed to make us even busier as we wanted to be out in it all weekend. Someday, I’ll get to all the laundry that is piling up in the laundry room!

This week in science students will learn about the three types of plate boundaries and what occurs along each of those boundaries. Students will also cut, paste, color, and label a plate model that is a great visual aid for studying these plate boundaries and their movements. Since we are not quite ready to end the chapter this week, I am extending the due date for the plate tectonics project until Friday, October 14th. It appears the test over Chapter 1 will be sometime near that date as well.

Your child should have brought home a letter about parent-teacher conferences coming up this month. Please be sure to return the letter with your preferred time slots as soon as possible. I will send out confirmation letters with your scheduled date and time the week before conferences.

Clubs/Activities this week:

Tues- Go Green Club, Hot Cocoa Cafe, Xtreme Readers

Wed- Running Club, Shooting Stars

Thurs- Cooking Club (already full)

Fri- AM Choir, Lego Club

Have a great week! 🙂