Week of April 16th

This week in science, students will not have regular science classes on Tuesday and Wednesday due to MAP testing. On the days that we do meet, students will learn about weather fronts. We’ll end the week by studying how forecasters put together a weather forecast. We’ll also spend some time comparing the concepts of weather and climate. The test over the weather unit will be sometime next week after we get MAP testing out of the way.

All 6th graders will MAP test on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week. Please remember to have students here on time. Make sure students are well rested and have eaten breakfast. Encourage your students to do their very best on each part of the test. Remind them that “Teamwork makes the dream work. GO DREAM TEAM!!”

There will be no clubs or late bus on Tuesday through Thursday of this week due to MAP testing.

As a reward for their hard work on the MAP test, I’ll be showing a movie on Thursday afternoon. If you’d like to donate a box of popcorn or a 2-liter of soda for students to enjoy during the movie, please let me know.

All 6th graders interested in cheerleading in 7th grade must attend an informational meeting with parents on Monday, 4/16 at 4 pm in the middle school library.

Have a great week! 🙂