Week of September 24th

I am always sad to see summer go, but the weather this past weekend was amazing. Hopefully students were able to get out into the fresh air during their extra day off. While teachers did not have the luxury of a day in the sun, we did have an amazing day of professional development. I know many of us are excited to get back into the classroom to implement some of the new strategies we learned!

This week in science, we’ll begin our unit over Earth’s structure and plate tectonics. This is always an interesting unit for the students. I will distribute books on Tuesday and explain a few ground rules regarding them. Be sure to ask your student about their new book- we are using a new series this year, and chances are, these texts are a little different than what your students are used to!

I plan to have scientific method tests graded and returned by the end of this week. Students who earned below 80% may attend tutoring in order to make corrections on the test. Partial credit can be earned back for corrections made. The tutoring date will be announced when tests are handed back.

For an upcoming class activity, I am in need of fun-size Snickers candy bars. I need two per student for a total of 200. If you can send in a bag in the next two weeks, I would be very appreciative!

This Friday is our first hat day of the year. Students may pay 25 cents to wear a hat all day.

Have a great week! 🙂