Week of January 14th

This week in science students will learn about the properties of minerals that can be used to identify them. After learning bout each property, students will be challenged to identify common mineral samples using these properties. We will conclude our unit on minerals by the end of this week, so it looks like the test will be early next week.

As a reward for their hard work on minerals, I have a fun activity planned to help students learn a little bit about mining. It will require the use of chocolate chip cookies. If you can help by sending in a package of chocolate chip cookies, I would appreciate it! The brands and number of packages needed are listed below. I will post this on my wish list page and keep it updated. We’ll need all cookies in by next Monday! Thanks in advance for your help!

4 packages of ‘Chips Ahoy’ Original

– 4 packages of “Keebler’ Chips Deluxe

– 4 packages of ‘Great Value’ Chocolate Chip

– 3 packages of ‘Great Value’ CHEWY Chocolate Chip

I’m still missing a few signed report cards. Please be sure you’ve signed and returned your child’s report card by Thursday of this week.

Have a great week! 🙂

~Mrs. Rasco