Week of April 8th

This week in science, students will learn about how energy is transferred through our atmosphere. This will help students to understand what causes weather in the troposphere. This is a very short unit, so students will have a brief quiz over the atmosphere and energy transfer on Friday. There will be no study groups for the quiz, but we will review in class on Thursday and Friday.

Tests over the soil unit were handed back on Friday. Students who need to do corrections may do so with myself or Mr. Barbee anytime this week during I-Time. We will also be available Tuesday before school at 7:45 and after school until 4:15 for students who cannot make it down to work on test corrections during I-Time.

Shhhh!! I’m planning a special treat for Mr. Barbee’s departure at the beginning of May to thank him for his hard work during his time here. If you would like to send a dollar or two to contribute toward his gift, that would be great. I have a personalized gift planned for him, along with a gift card to IPA (teacher store) and a really cool farewell cake. I’ve already purchased the personalized gift, so any money donated will go toward an IPA gift certificate. Please send any donations in by the end of next week, April 19th.

Homeroom: I did not get last week’s Friday notes sent out last Friday so be looking for those to come home today.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂