Week of April 29th

This week in science we’ll attempt to wrap up our unit on weather. I expect to test over this unit sometime next week. Students will learn about air masses, weather fronts, and pressure systems this week. We had a great demonstration last week where students got to see a cold front in action, so we’ll build upon that as we continue this week. By the end of the week, students will practice using a set of weather data to predict the weather.

Don’t forget! We’ll be walking to Zott’s tomorrow. Be sure your child has turned in their permission slip. They are responsible for bringing in and hanging onto money for a treat of their choice. Treats start at $1.00. Here is a link to the permssion slip if your child has not turned one in: Zott’s Permission Slip

Please turn in permission slips and money for the Smallin Cave field trip by May 10th to your child’s homeroom teacher. Smallin Cave Permission Slip

As a treat for their hard work on the MAP test, we’ll be watching “Journey to the Center of the Earth” on Friday afternoon. It is rated PG. Please email me if you would rather your child not see this movie. Students may bring in a small snack and soda if they would like.

Our last skating party of the year is this Thursday from 6-8 pm at Skateport on S. Glenstone. Admission is $4.

Mr. Barbee’s last day is this Friday. We will celebrate with cupcakes and a gift on Thursday afternoon! Thanks to Mr. Barbee for being such a great student teacher. You will be missed!

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂