Week of January 6th

Welcome back! I hope you and your family were able to enjoy some time off over the holidays. Hopefully, everyone is returning rested and recharged for the second half of the school year! One exciting change in my classroom this semester will be the addition of our student teacher, Mr. Nilsen. I’ll be working closely with Mr. Nilsen this semester to teach our remaining units in science.

This week in science, students will pick up where we left off in the minerals and rocks unit. Before break, students had wrapped up the minerals portion of the unit so, after a short review on minerals, we will begin studying rocks and the rock cycle.

Second quarter grade cards go home Tuesday, January 7th. As always, please sign and return the top portion to the homeroom teacher.

This is a great time of year to check in with your child about school supplies. If your child is running low on paper, pencils, or other supplies, be sure to replenish those. If you are struggling with providing supplies for your child, please see Mrs. Skaggs and she can get your student what he/she needs!

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂