February 3rd

This week in science, we will move on to our next unit over weathering and soil. Students will begin learning about physical and chemical weathering and how these processes contribute to the formation of soil. That being said- keep an eye out for the next warm, snow-free day in which you could dig up a sample of soil for an upcoming lab! I know the ground this week may not cooperate, but in the near future, if you can, please send in a sample of soil in a gallon ziplock bag or plastic shopping bag. Also, I’ll be posting some additional materials that will be needed on my wish list page.

Students will begin middle school scheduling during music this week. Your child should bring home important paperwork about this on Friday.

It’s Counselor’s Week! Please encourage your student to write a handwritten note or card to show their appreciation for the work that our wonderful counselors do.

Our annual ‘Change a Life’ change drive is on. Please send in your spare change to be donated to the Willard Children’s Charitable Foundation (WCCF). This organization does a lot of good for children in our school district and this change drive will help many!

Our Valentine’s Day party will take place on Friday, February 14th, which is an early release day. We will have our party after lunch, at around 11:45. Students are welcome to bring in Valentine’s to pass out to their classmates.

Valentine Grams will be on sale next Thursday and Friday for 25 cents each.

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂