Week of October 6th

This week we will continue to finish up Unit 2 over scientific method. Students took the post-formative assessment last week which has been scored and scanned. You should be able to see those results by logging in to your child’s mastery connect account. They will also begin a report in class on Tuesday. I had a great deal more students who have standards in remediation for this unit. Over the next couple of weeks, I will meet with students during class and i-time to try to reteach the standards that they had trouble with. Students with standards in remediation will be required to take the summative assessment at a later date.

We will also begin to prepare for the start of Unit 3 which is a study of Earth’s structure and it’s tectonic plates. We will begin by doing some activities with density since this is an important concept in order to understand what causes Earth’s tectonic plates to move.

Please be checking your child’s mastery connect account to be looking for ways you can help your child. Some common weak areas I’ve discovered so far:

– measuring to the nearest millimeter

– comparing amounts and measurements within the metric system (for example: Which is greater: 20 cm or 2,000 mm?)

– judging whether amounts and measurements are reasonable (for example: What is a reasonable measurement for the mass of a textbook: 1 kg or 10 g?)

– writing a testable question and hypothesis

– Identifying the independent, dependent, and control (or constant) variables in an experiment

– making inferences based on observations and data

Have a great week!