Week of February 9th

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Describe how weathering and erosion causes changes in rocks and landforms.

We finished up Unit 5 over rocks and minerals this past week. Students will bring home the post-formative assessment report this week. Students who need to take the summative will receive remediation help next week and then will take the summative the following week.

This week, we will begin Unit 6 which is all about weathering and soil. For an upcoming ‘edible’ lab activity, I need the following items listed below. If you can send in any of the items, I would appreciate it. I will keep this list updated as items are brought in.

  • 4 cans of food-service sized chocolate pudding (can be found at Food 4 Less or Sam’s)
  • 4 pkgs of chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo-style cookies)
  • 4 bags of chocolate M&M’s
  • 110 gummy worms
  • 110 CLEAR plastic cups (I need them to be clear so student see the materials layer up)
  • 110 spoons

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂