Week of February 23rd

This week’s learning target(s) in science:

  • Describe the properties and components of soil.

After a wild and wacky week of weather, hopefully we can get back to a normal routine. Due to the weather cancellations, I was unable to give the summative to students last week. If your child was scheduled to stay with me for tutoring last Tuesday, I have rescheduled that tutoring for this Tuesday. I will begin giving summatives to students this week.

I am still in need of several items for a lab this week. If you can, please send in the following items as soon as possible.

  • 4 cans of food-service sized chocolate pudding (can be found at Food 4 Less or Sam’s)
  • 2 pkgs of chocolate sandwich cookies (Oreo-style cookies)
  • 3 bags of chocolate M&M’s
  • 80 gummy worms
  • 110 CLEAR plastic cups (I need them to be clear so student see the materials layer up)
  • 110 spoons

Have a great week!

🙂 Mrs. Rasco