Week of August 24th

The first full week of school flew by! We spent a lot of time learning about rules and procedures, lab safety, and we also set up our ISN’s (Interactive Science Notebooks). On Thursday, we began Unit 1 over Measurement. I was pleased to see from the pretest results that many students have some strong background knowledge about this unit. Be sure to check out the Unit 1 Guide in your child’s ISN to see what they will be learning over the next two weeks.

Unit 1 is all about how scientists measure. We will compare qualitative and quantitative observations, and then we will learn to make lots of different quantitative observations using the metric system. Be sure to practice measuring things with the metric system at home this week!

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Measure length to the nearest millimeter, volume to the nearest milliliter, and mass to the nearest gram.
  • Judge whether amounts and measurements are reasonable.