Week of October 17th

This week in science we will be finishing a study of density and how temperature changes the density of substances. While this is not an assessed skill, it is important that students deeply understand this concept as it is a common theme throughout the Earth’s systems that we will study all year.

We will also begin Unit 3 on Plate Tectonics. We’ll begin by taking a look at Earth’s layers and the proposed causes of plate movement.

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Explain convection currents are the result of uneven heating inside the mantle resulting in the melting of rock materials, convection of magma, eruption/flow of magma, and movement of crustal plates.

Thank you to all who have been able to donate a bag of Milky Way candy bars to our upcoming lab activity.

Additionally, thanks to those who have been able to support my latest Donors Choose project to provide some really innovative materials to our kids during science center time. I am so excited about this project. If you would like to share the project or make a tax deductible donation, please visit the link below:

Mrs. Rasco’s Donors Choose Project

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco 🙂