Week of September 5th

This week in science, students will practice measuring mass and volume using metric units.

Thanks to all who attended our Team Night. I enjoyed meeting all of you and appreciate the time you took to come and learn more about our team.

Have a great week!


Welcome to Yellow Team!

Hello and welcome to the science classroom on Yellow Team! I’m so excited to meet all my new scientists and jump in to all the amazing activities I have planned for this year. I can’t wait to get to know all of you better and to help you explore all the amazing things about our planet!

In sixth grade science, we focus on earth science and we will cover topics like:

  • scientific measurement
  • scientific method
  • plate tectonics
  • minerals and rocks
  • weathering and soil
  • Earth’s atmosphere and water
  • weather
  • solar system

Please make sure you have one composition book or spiral notebook that you can use for your ‘interactive science notebook’ or ISN. We will use it almost everyday. We also frequently use scissors, colored pencils, and glue so make sure you have those supplies on hand for science class.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I’ll see you on Thursday, August 17th!

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Week of May 1st

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Describe how gases in our atmosphere circulate as air masses.
  • Describe the movement of air and weather conditions associated with cold, warm, and stationary fronts.
  • Differentiate between weather and climate.

We will take our Unit 8 post-test next week on Wednesday or Thursday.

Week of April 10th

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Describe the relationship between temperature and the movement of gases in the atmosphere.
  • Describe how the gases in Earth’s atmosphere circulate as air masses.
  • Describe different air masses and how they affect the weather in a given location.
  • Recognize that land heats faster than water which affects the temperature and movement of air above it.

Week of 3/27

Parent-Teacher Conferences will be held this week. I still have several spots open so if you’d like to schedule a conference, please contact me at reneerasco@willardschools.net

There will be NO SCHOOL this Friday.

This week in science, students will be learning about how energy travels through Earth’s atmosphere and the water cycle.


Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco

Week of March 6th

This week’s learning targets in science:

  • Analyze the ways humans affect the erosion and deposition of soil and rock materials (e.g. clearing of land, planting vegetation, paving land, construction of new buildings, building or removal of dams) and propose possible solutions

We will have our Unit 6 post-assessment on Thursday or Friday. I will be available for study group at 7:45 am on Thursday morning.

Thanks to all who were able to help with supplies for the soil sundaes. The kids really enjoyed them and I think they will forever remember soil horizons!

Have a great week!

~Mrs. Rasco