Science Resources

Unit 6: Weathering and Soil

All About Weathering

Unit 5: Minerals and Rocks

Science Kids– Rocks and Minerals

Rock Hound Kids

Minerals and Gemstones

Interactive Rock Collection

Rock and Minerals Simulation

The Rock Cycle

Mineral Mix and Match

Rock Identification Game

Mineral Identification Game

Mineral Uses

Unit 4: Fossils/Earth’s History

Ice Age Project: Ice Age Mammals

Ice Age Project: Cougar

Ice Age Project: Saber-tooth Cat (of Smilodon)

Ice Age Project: Two and Three Toed Sloth

Ice Age Project: Giant Ground Sloth (megatherium)

Ice Age Project: Elephant

Ice Age Project: Woolly mammoth

Fossils Interactive Game– click ‘start interactive’ to launch the activity

Virtual Dinosaur Dig

Fossil Fabricator

Fossil Fun


Layers of Time

Enchanted Learning– How fossils form

Types of fossils

Unit 3: Plate Tectonics

History Channel ‘How the Earth Was Made’ -Video Clips

Earth’s Structure

All About Tectonic Plates

Plate Tectonics Video

Interactives: Plate Boundaries

Interactives: Slip, Slide, and Collide

Plate Tectonics Quiz

Volcano Explorer

Biggest Volcanic Eruptions

Unit 2: Scientific Method

StudyJams- Scientific Method Video and quiz

Brainpop- Scientific Method

Think Central ScienceSaurus– Scientific Inquiry (begins on page 002)

Testable Questions- Video Clip

Scientific Method Hangman

Kitchen Chemistry Virtual Lab

EdHeads: Trauma

Unit 1: Measurement

BBC Skillswise Measurement

Metric Length Game

Metric Millionaire

Measurement Mania

Best Measure- Metric Estimation

BBC: Build a Shed